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Shopping for a new wardrobe is only half as much fun if you forget to add the accessories. At Luli Fama, our accessories stand out and shine everywhere from the sun-swept beaches of the Caribbean to the magic of Mediterranean nights.

Summer just wouldn't be any fun unless we had a serious discussion about a few pieces of fabulous jewelry. When you want to break out of your shell and let your hair down, the golden accents and white shells of the Shell We? Choker create a fabulous accent to swimsuits, dresses and rompers. On those days when you are ready to let your wild side run wild, slip on the Jane Choker and assume your place on the throne as Queen of the Jungle.     

For those times when you want to let your inner Bohemian out to play and throw caution to the wind, then the Wanderlust Arm Party will take you on a whirlwind trip you won't ever forget. The bracelet features 18-karat gold-filled links, 14k gold-filled coins, turquoise beads and crystal-beaded bracelets in purple, red, gold and lapis. The bracelet is finished with golden coins and sharp teeth that let everyone know that your spirit is free and you are always ready to sink your teeth into the marrow of life.  

Finally, we would commit the ultimate party foul if we didn't offer our client's one final piece to finish their outfit. Adding an Anklet Party is the perfect way to polish off any ensemble. Be certain to wear comfortable shoes when you are ready to step out and show off this stunning duet because it is guaranteed to put a little extra spring in your step. It features shell-pebble details and enough 14k and 18k gold to make King Midas bow down and worship the ground you walk on. 

It's time for the mainstays of the mainstream to step aside and make room for Luli Fama's fabulous Eye Candy eyewear. Are you a no-nonsense kind of gal? Then the Eye Candy Black or Eye Candy Aqua are sunglasses for women that will shield your eyes from the sun but not from the attention they are sure to attract. Should you prefer to enjoy a bit of lighthearted fun, then the Eye Candy Isla Bonita or Eye Candy Bubble Gum ensure that every boy on the beach will only have eyes for you. And if you are the kind of woman who prefers privacy and isn't quite ready to break out of your shell, there is no better protection from the sun and prying eyes than the Eye Candy Tortoise