MIAMI SORBET Seamless Triangle Top & Brazilian Bottom – Luli Fama




Set hearts aflutter when you show up looking hot and sexy in this amazing bikini. This look pairs our popular seamless Triangle Top with an equally seamless Brazilian-style bottom. Can you say beach bombshell?

You're ready to have a good time and this swimwear look radiates a fun vibe. Textured fabric brings a whole other level of trendsetting chic to this bikini, and it helps your look stand out.

If you're into geometric shapes, this pattern is sure to become a favorite. Chevron is blended with triangle shapes to create a mesmerizing design that may cause a sensation as you confidently stroll through the sun-drenched areas of the resort.

In addition to dazzling colors of pink, blue and bright neon green, there's much to love about this bikini. The seamless top and bottom have elongated string ties that make it a breeze to adjust the fit to your figure. Also, the bottom features wavy detailing that adds a touch of flirty fun in the back.

When you want a new bikini style, reverse both pieces and enjoy the neon green.