VIBRAS Open-Side One-Piece Bodysuit in Aqua – Luli Fama




This VIBRAS Open-Side One-piece Bodysuit is for you if you love the way you look and feel when wearing swimwear that matches your vivacious personality. Whether you love wearing bodysuits with a touch of sass all the time or just once in a while, you can enjoy all of the positive attention you're sure to attract when wearing this piece.

It has everything you want in comfortable swimwear meant to be worn by those headed for some fun in the sun destination. First, the amazing texture of the fabric creates a visual effect similar to a cascading waterfall. The front-to-back texture stands out, making a bold statement all on its own. But then you realize that the eyes are easily drawn to the bodysuit's mid-section where a lovely see-through view is created from strings that are intricately woven into a laced pattern. This detail is built into the swimwear, so there's zero effort on your part.

Turn to the left, and then turn to the right. Both views reveal the same intricate detailing from the side, which is truly magnificent. This time, there are string ties with Luli Rings to play around with. You can decide how loose or tight you want the fit to be. That's awesome for creating a custom fit.

The back view also has plenty of "wow" factor with its elongated open back showing off every bit of your sexy bone structure. High-cut legs also reveal plenty of shapely thighs for maximum hotness. A touch of metallic fabric creates a cool shimmery effect as you happily stroll or pose for pics.