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Floral Print

Our floral print collections turn what you believe about floral prints on its head. At Luli Fama, we incorporate fierce animal prints, complementing Bohemian patterns, watercolor patterns, suzani patterns and paisleys into the mix.

Will you choose the dark and dramatic multicolor, ditzy-inspired patterns of Cordoba or Noches de Sevilla? The Bohemian patchwork flavors of blues, yellows, whites and pinks in Salty but Sweet, Forever Mermaids, Desert Angel, Gypsy Dream or Spanish Lullaby? What about the peek-a-boo leopard and cheetah prints mixed with tropical florals in Paraiso, Pequeño Paraiso, Luli's Jungle or Buena Vista? Vivid colors and custom one-of-a-kind prints are yours to brighten your beach day excursions, thanks to the unexpected floral print interpretations at Luli Fama.


Noches De Sevilla

Guajira Superstar

Buena Vista


Pequeño Paraiso


Spanish Lullaby

Desert Angel

Gypsy Dream

Angel Face

Forever Mermaids

Salty but Sweet

Luli Tribe

Luli's Jungle

Wild Flower

Garden Nights

Shocking Florals


Bloomin' Beauty

Secret Garden
Forever Yours
Love Spell
Night Glam
Sexy Señorita
Back In Time
Ay, Que Cute!
Dulce Tormento
Water Blossoms
Amor y Playa
Luli Island
Hidden Gems
Ti Amo
Vivi Il Momento
Floral Baby
Luli's Secret Garden
Groovy Luli
Luli Tropics