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Tropical Print

Luli Fama's fun, spirited tropical print collection melds unexpected tropical patterns and vibrant colors to create something extra beautiful. Will it be the soft blue, green, purple and pink feathers with a peek-a-boo animal accents of Isla Holbox? Dreamy pink, yellow and orange hibiscus and palm fronds in Wild Flower? Or the look of a tropical butterfly garden with the floral and paisley designs in Viva Cuba? What about luscious pink orchids (Pequeño Paraiso), beautiful bromeliads (Paraiso), wispy pink, purple and blue palm fronds (Palmares) or multicolor tribal prints with chevron and plumeria flowers (Luli Tribe)? You'll never think of tropical prints the same way after you've seen what Luli Fama has to offer.

Guajira Superstar

Casa De Las Sirenas

Buena Vista


Viva Cuba



Mundo De Colores

Pequeño Paraiso

Miami Nice

Luli's Jungle

Isla Holbox

Wild Flower

Luli Tribe

Moon Nights

Twisted Mermaid

Ocean Shimmer
Florida Babe
Water Blossoms
Wild Waters
Luli Island
Hidden Gems
She's Electric
Il Mare
Luli Reef
Luli's Selva
Luli Tropics
Jungle Fever
Lush Horizons