LULI CHIC Luxe Stitch Free Form Bandeau & Ruched Bottom – Luli Fama




Some days you just want to be free to feel at one with the beautiful scenery that nature provides in a beachfront setting. On these days, you can opt to slip on this LULI CHIC bandeau-style bikini and go out and have a fun time exploring the beach.

The sun is blazing, and the ocean waters beckon you with each rippling tide that washes ashore. Sunning your shoulders is simple to do with a no-straps-needed LULI CHIC Bandeau Top in bright red. A bandeau top is such a carefree choice because it's an iconic top style that looks great on every type of silhouette. You don't have to think about strap comfort or support because support is naturally built into its minimalistic design. The front provides full coverage for your bosom, and the back has wide fabric ties that you can adjust to achieve the perfect fit for your body shape.

What can make this bandeau even better? Pairing it with a LULI CHIC Seamless Bottom in the same bright red color. This particular bottom is a great choice because it has that sexy Brazilian high-cut design that you love. This bottom also provides plenty of coverage below the belly on the front and in the back, so you can move around with freedom and confidence.

The bottom has a slight scoop in the middle that further flatters your stomach, thinner sides to showcase more thigh and the delightful surprise of backside ruching for fashionable cheekiness. The glam factor is evident in both pieces with the addition of golden luxurious stitching details.