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Luli Fit

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The pace of daily life is racing into the future and the designers at Luli Fama have created exciting lines of athletic wear and athleisure wear to help you keep up with everything on your schedule.

Our workout clothes make it possible for you to move from a fitness routine at the gym to an appointment with your stylist without having to take the time to change your outfit.

Yoga pants and yoga tops should complement your curves to provide unparalleled flexibility and freedom of movement. Our colorful, form-fitting Gorgeous Chaos and Wild Heart pants allow you to assume the asana you desire as you meditate the morning away. When paired with our sports bras, the combination creates an exhilarating ensemble that is bursting with energy.

Of course, we would be remiss if we also didn't offer an even tighter fit than yoga pants. Our Pilates leggings give you full, fashionable support from the thigh to the ankle. You will also find plenty of comfort and support within in our Wild Heart Racerback Cutout Leotard.

Tees and tanks are more than just functional garments that help protect your skin from sun and sand. They are fashion statements that allow you to move freely from the fitness center to the coffee shop. At Luli Fama, our tees and tanks fit snugly to highlight your natural curves while providing a superior level of comfort whether you are playing tennis, running through the park or taking a relaxing stroll on the treadmill.  

A good pair of running pants accentuates a runner's curves while providing the structure to support muscles and joints as you race down the road. However, the best are the pants and shorts that do this without sacrificing style for function. You can slip into our Wild Heart and Gorgeous Chaos collections with ease and without a care in the world as you slip out the door to enjoy your workout. The breathable soft fabrics help keep you cool while the thick elastic waistbands ensure the pants will stay firmly fitted to your body from the starting line to the finish line.

Whether it is a drizzly April afternoon or a chilly December morning, there is no reason to let bad weather keep you cooped up inside. Our long-sleeve tops and jackets let you tread fearlessly into the elements. While they are not waterproof, the breathable fabrics will keep you warm and comfortable whether you are running laps or running errands.