MIAMI SORBET Bell Sleeve Crop Top & Mini Skirt – Luli Fama




Get your groove on with a Luli Babe outfit that is sure to make heads turn wherever you go. The Miami Sorbet pattern grabs attention for its trendy nouveau retro vibe that combines Miami Beach colors with 70s-style abstract geometric shapes. The result is an amazing outfit you can wear to various fun activities in and outside the resort.

The top piece alone is fun to wear. If you've always wanted a top with bodacious bell sleeves, this is the one to get. When you move your arms back and forth or up and down, you can get a kick out of seeing how the "bell" portion of the sleeve flares and flows. You may also enjoy that it has a deep V-neck that culminates in a scrunched center that includes adjustable ties and dangling Luli Rings.

The easy-going mini skirt also has lots of scrunching and you can quickly adjust the drawstrings to achieve your desired level of scrunchy fun.