MIAMI SORBET Deep V-Neck Tank Players Dress - Multicolor – Luli Fama




Show up at the resort ready to play and find new ways to enjoy a beautiful sunny locale. You'll need an outfit to wear for hanging out and this Tank Playera Dress is a must-have piece for your casual "fun-in-the-sun" collection.

Feel confident in being a Luli Babe who knows how to be effortlessly chic, boldly colorful and comfortable with the choice of a single outfit. Bright colors of pink, purple, neon green and orange evoke a trendy, energetic Miami vibe. Slip it on and embrace your fun-loving personality.

Effortless style begins with a plunging V-neck that shows off your bosom without revealing too much. There's no need to hassle over the fit because the entire dress has relaxed construction, loosely draping over your figure. The elastic waist ensures the top and bottom sections stay secure when you're moving about.

The flowing skirt has an above-the-knee length and extra flounce around the bottom for a carefree feminine flair.